Why should all men own a Rolex? —Guide to replica watches

Rolex is a big brand known for its luxury watch products. It is not only the watch most favored by the rich and elites from all walks of life but also one of the only valuable watches in the world.

As long as you have a Rolex, it is equivalent to having cash that can be circulated. Then why buy a Rolex instead of other famous watches? Why do so many watch brands have a soft spot for Rolex? I think there are the following points:

Use 904L stainless steel.

Rolex is the only company that uses 904L stainless steel for all steel watches, and most steel watches of other brands are made of 316L stainless steel. Therefore, 904L stainless steel has become exclusive to Rolex. 904L steel is more resistant to rust, more corrosion, and harder than other steel. Secondly, it can better absorb the polishing agent and maintain a perfect metal texture. If you compare Rolex steel watches with other watches, you can see that Rolex is brighter and more attractive at a glance,no doubt, it is because of 904L steel.

The second is its movement.

There is no doubt about the excellent performance of its movement. Movement 3135 has been the king of automatic movements since 1988. For example, the basic models of the Submariner series use movement 3135.

Time is accurate and stable.

Whether the watch is mechanical or quartz, accuracy is the root of the final analysis. We all know that mechanical watches have certain errors. Generally speaking, the accuracy is less than 10 seconds. I think it is already a very accurate watch, but Rolex can achieve ± 2 seconds! Every Rolex watch is certified by the Observatory, and the high-standard certification is called “Super Observatory Certification”!

The case quality is too hard.

One of Rolex’s greatest inventions-the Oyster case, the Oyster structure can very effectively enhance the watch’s three-proof performance “waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.” Especially waterproof, with the screw-in crown and screw-in bottom cover, it is as airtight as a submarine.

Therefore, Rolex is not only the watch most favored by wealthy elites from all walks of life but also one of the only valuable watches in the world. In other words, as long as you own a Rolex, you have cash that can be circulated, and you don’t have to worry about where you go.

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