How to choose the first Rolex watch in your life?-Replica watch brings you an excellent experience.

To talk about how to choose the first watch in your life, it must be Rolex. Then how to choose a favorite and value-preserving watch among the many styles of Rolex? For a long time, everyone only needs to talk about Rolex watches. One thing that comes to mind is the green water ghost. Indeed, the green water ghost of the year was a trend, and everyone who knows the watch or does not know it. But I think that the first Rolex watch in life is the cosmic Daytona. The Daytona 116500LN, commonly known as “Panda Di.”

The reasons are as follows:

  1. The stainless steel Daytona uses a ceramic bezel for the first time. Because the previous ceramic ring can only be enjoyed by precious metal Daytona, this will significantly reduce the difficulty of starting the ceramic ring Daytona.
    The second, the classic color scheme. The white dial and black bezel are the traditional panda color schemes, named “Panda Di.” And I have to admit that this black and white color scheme is beautiful.

The case has a classic Oyster structure. This kind of watch case has a super tight seal. Daytona chronographs are waterproof to 100 meters and are very practical. The diameter of the watch is 40mm, and girls of this size can easily control it.

The mirror surface of the watch is made of sapphire crystal. The mirror surface is treated with anti-vertigo, and the mirror surface is slightly higher than the ceramic bezel. This design can protect the bezel to a certain extent. There are three heads on the right side of the case, the middle is the regular timetable crown, and the two buttons up and down are used to control the timing switch; the stop button is pressed to start timing. Then the timing is paused again, and the bottom button is pressed once Timer reset.

It is worth mentioning that Daytona’s second hand is located at 6 o’clock on the dial, and the slenderest one is called the chronograph hand. The back of the case still has a dense bottom design, and the screw-in bottom cover further enhances the sealing of the case. The movement onboard is a customized version of the Cal.4130 campaign, which truly achieves the original effect of function and thickness synchronization, and its performance is also quite excellent. With the Oyster-style safety belt, it is comfortable to use and safe, and reliable.

There is no doubt that Panda Di is a perfect watch. The focus is on high-looking, versatile; it can be called a “magic oil,” it can be matched with any clothing for any occasion.

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